Green Hills residents continue transit debate ahead of May vote

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It was a packed room inside Hillsboro High School Wednesday night, as transit interest peaks weeks away from voting day.  

Arguing for the pro ‘Let’s Move Nashville’ contingency, was Nashville attorney Charles Robert Bone.  

Speaking against the plan, activist and mayoral candidate, Jeff Carr. Former News 2 anchor Samantha Fisher moderated.  

For those who live in the Green Hills area, thoughts on the plan are across the board.  

“I think there are many other plans that could dramatically improve [the issues] now, immediately, and well into the future,” noted Don Thielemann.  

However, during Thursday’s debate, Don told News 2 he had changed his mind, and would be voting in favor of the plan.  

Others though, remained steadfast in their opinion.  

“I’m pretty much decided,” added Daniel Shelton. “I want transit to come to Nashville. I believe it’s important, and if we’re going to be a progressive city, if we’re going to continue to grow, if we’re going to attract corporations, I do believe that we do need mass transit.” 

“I have a business within a mile and a half from here, my property taxes have doubled within the past four to five years,” said Jon Osborne. ” I don’t see any way in the world we need to add more tax in Nashville, it’s getting pretty unaffordable right now.” 

News 2 wants to know, where do you stand on the transit plan? News 2 wants to know, where do you stand on the transit plan? Click here to find our poll on the homepage to vote.  

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