HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — New disturbing details have been made public in a double murder case out of Hendersonville. Lloyd “Tommy” Martin, 72, is accused of killing his former girlfriend, Laura Undis, and her neighbor, Virginia “Didi” Sheen, in the front yard of a home in the Mansker Farms subdivision last week.

On Wednesday, a witness and a detective gave graphic testimony as Martin’s case was bound over to a grand jury. 

Michael Sheen gave emotional testimony, outlining a timeline for the turn of events that ultimately led to his wife’s murder. 

Sheen says his wife was working on her art inside their home on Cavalier Drive last Monday afternoon when she yelled for him to call the police, saying their neighbor Laura was running through the yard from her former boyfriend, Tommy Martin. 

Sheen described what he saw and how he went out to intervene while another neighbor tried to stop Martin. 

“I saw Tommy, he had Laura on the ground on her rear-end holding her hair and he had a pistol pointed at her head,” Sheen explained. 

That’s when Sheen says he grabbed a brick and smashed Martin in the head to try and get him to stop, at which point Martin fired his gun at him. 

“It’s pretty blurry, but shortly after he shot at me, my wife was there. I do know she said ‘shoot me instead,’ and he immediately pulled his gun up and shot her and then shot Laura.”

Sheen went on to say Martin then tried to kill himself, but that the gun wouldn’t fire.

“He turned the pistol around and pointed it at his chest near his heart and pulled the trigger and it didn’t fire. I screamed at him that he was a coward that he needed to do it this way, so he put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger and it didn’t fire. I laughed at him and then he pointed his gun at me and this time I didn’t juke, I just stared at him and he pulled the trigger and it didn’t fire,” recalled Sheen. 

He said Martin then ran to his truck but Sheen jumped over the door, hitting him again over the head with a brick and ultimately wrestling his pistol away as the other neighbor held Martin down until police arrived. 

“I was able to see his pistol and I pried it out of his hands and flipped the barrel around in my hands and started pistol-whipping him, hoping I could kill him,” Sheen explained. 

The neighbor who held Martin down was also in the courtroom Wednesday along with his wife and another neighbor who are both witnesses in the case. The lead investigator in the case also took the stand, saying she found a long rope tied around Martin’s body numerous times that she believed Martin was going to use to tie his former girlfriend up. The detective said both victims had two gunshot wounds and that Martin confessed to the shootings. 

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Martin’s case was bound over to a grand jury and he is scheduled to be back in court in late October.