GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s something that many homeowners consider, especially around the summer months, a pool to keep things cool. However, for Logan Vermilyea and Steven Welch, their dream has quickly turned into a nightmare.

“It’s heartbreaking that someone would be out there and would even want to do that to someone and could do that to people,” said Welch.

The two say they wanted to renovate their entire backyard, and thought they found someone they could trust, Christopher Warren, better known as the “Poolman.”

“We gave him $4,500 down. He said that we would pay him the rest when it’s done,” Welch explained.

Welch said everything started as normal. The contractor came out and started doing work on the pool. The goal was to change the staircase leading into the pool. Quickly, the pair became worried after they claim Warren continued to give them excuses as to why he couldn’t finish the work.

“It’s been multiple calls, multiple texts,” Welch said. “He keeps saying, ‘tomorrow, I’m coming tomorrow, coming tomorrow.'”

“It’s very frustrating. Just the empty promises he lept making, like ‘oh I’ll be there tomorrow’, and then not showing up, and then it’s like okay your obviously not coming,” said Vermilyea.

News 2 reached out to Warren. He explained he had recently been in a car accident and is planning on returning to the site this week. He went on to explain, that projects like this take time.

When he spoke again with Welch and Vermilyea, who said they repeatedly are told the same thing, only Warren never shows up.

During the summer and spring months, the Better Business Bureau says these types of scams are common.

“Unfortunately, especially in the spring and summer months, we see a lot of home improvement scams, whether it’s a new pool, whether it’s just basic repairs, this is when we’re most likely to invest in our homes,” explained Robyn Householder, President, and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Middle TN & KY.

Householder is urging residents to do their research. She explained by simply taking the time to research before hiring someone, can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

The organization also urges people to utilize their Scam Tracker, which shows where and when they have been alerted to a scam. It also allows you to report scams.

“Scammers are very creative and so what you’re going to see them do is there are going to change their company name, they may even just be by one word, in this particular instance he may go by Chris today, tomorrow he may be going by Christopher,” explained Householder.

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She also said, your home is the biggest investment and asset many people own, which is why they should take extra care in who they trust.