Good Samaritan caught on camera returning lost wallet to Mt. Juliet woman’s home

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Thanks to home security surveillance and the community in Hip Mt. Juliet, a good Samaritan has been identified.  

Katie Branan lost her wallet and he hand delivered it to her home, with all the money and credit cards intact.  

“I didn’t even realize I was missing it,” Branan told News 2.  

She still isn’t quite sure how her wallet ended up on Golden Bear Gateway road Wednesday morning.  

“Maybe since the card case is so small it just kind of fell in between the door and the door frame and then sat there and then of course as I drove away the next day it just flew out of the car. That’s my best guess, but my honest answer is I have no idea.”  

Around 10:30 a.m. her camera captured a man walking a few blocks to deliver it to her door where the baby sitter was.  

“I get a phone call and she says this guy just returned your wallet and I’m like what do you mean I think I have my purse with me,” she said.  

Branan soon discovered it was her wallet and she was surprised to find everything was still inside. 

“I have medical insurance, car insurance, cards and cash it was all stuffed in here and it was all there. It’s a little scuffed up, probably got run over, but everything is in it which is the most awesome part.”  

Eager to find out who the mysterious kind man was, Branan posted a photo from her camera on Hip Mt Juliet.  

“I just wanted to see who this guy was so that I could thank him,” said Branan.  

A number of people identified him as the Spanish teacher at Mt. Juliet High School.  

“He’s just like a light in their community and I’m like oh my God this is awesome. I think he should gain some sort of recognition or a big thank you or something for just doing the right thing. I mean kindness cost nothing right, it should be shared, it should be celebrated.”  

Branan called the school who confirmed Mr. Atkinson is the Spanish teacher and has even been teacher of the year before.  

She is still hoping to do something to thank him for his gesture.  

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