DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — The damage on Murrell Road following Saturday’s storms and tornadoes is colossal.

According to the Dickson County Emergency Management Agency, a confirmed EF2 tornado hit the Dickson County areas of Murrell Road, East Piney Road and West Grab Creek. Winds of 135 miles per hour caused a destructive path 500 yards wide and 8.3 miles long.

The storm also caused damage to over 60 homes, and eight of them were totally destroyed. Two people were injured, and a mile of powerlines and polls were brought down by wind or trees.

Source: Brooke Primm

Peggy and Michael Artis were out of town when the storm struck their Murrell Road home. When they got back to Dickson, their home of more than 20 years was essentially gone.

“Debris everywhere. Just trees. You just didn’t know where to start,” Michael said.

But Peggy said they also found a sign from God floating in their backyard swimming pool.

“Right in the middle of it was a cross. It was literally a cross in the middle of the swimming pool. There was nothing else in it but the cross. We know that God had placed us where he wanted us to be at the time that this happened,” Peggy said.

The Artis family said they’re thankful none of their friends and family were seriously hurt and they are also thankful for all the volunteers helping them get back on their feet.

They’ve been sifting through debris piles since Saturday trying to save family heirlooms and memories. A neighbor was able to collect dozens of photos scattered in the backyard.

Michael and Peggy are planning to rebuild a home “bigger and better” atop the concrete foundation left on their property.

If you’d like to help Michael and Peggy Artis, you can find their GoFundMe HERE.