GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — More than 250 Gallatin residents are getting an unexpected Christmas gift thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

A business owner who wishes to remain anonymous, known only as Mrs. Claus, wanted to lessen the burden for people by paying their electric and utility bills.

The woman and her family donated $20,000 to pay off past-due accounts that are in danger of service disconnection.

One of the recipients of the donation is Lisa Harris, a single mother and grandmother.

“This time of year, the bills, they’re not cheap,” Harris said. “I usually pay them right at the last minute. When like cut off is. I usually call and say what is the cutoff day? And I pay it right before then.”

Harris estimates this donation will leave her with a few hundred dollars left in her bank account this holiday season.

“I get this blessing from Mrs. Claus. You can’t beat it! You can’t beat God’s blessings,” Harris said.

David Kellog is the superintendent of Gallatin Public Utilities. He says the $20,000 donation from Mrs. Claus will help keep the lights and heat on in hundreds of homes across Gallatin this Christmas.

“For a lot of our customers it will mean the difference between paying for medicine, or rent, or another bill,” Kellogg said. “It means a lot for them.”

Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown said Mrs. Claus is a local, female business owner who just wants to give back.

“She just said she really feels blessed to be in this community and with the success she has had in her business, she just wants to, in her words, pay it forward,” Brown said.

Last year, Mrs. Claus donated more than $17,000 and her donation has already inspired others as another donor has given Gallatin Public Utilities $3,000.

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“You have blessed the Harris family is what I want to tell her. Keep doing what she’s doing, because it is a blessing,” Harris said. “She’s wonderful whoever you are. God bless you, Mrs. Claus!”