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Gallery: Saint Thomas Midtown NICU babies dress up for Halloween

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown NICU Registered Nurses Kim Meek and Olivia Horne are continuing a sweet tradition for Halloween.

They’ve hand-made costumes for the current NICU babies.

Meek and Horne said these costumes are a creative way for them to bring family-sized laughs to each baby’s loved ones during the stressful time of their NICU stay.

Among the costumes you’ll find Bob Ross, an extra-tiny Tinker Bell, Flo from Progressive, a Dwight Schrute and a lumberjack.

Other favorites include bacon and eggs and Elvis!

In addition, the parents of two NICU graduates, Lia and Scarlett submitted photos of them celebrating Halloween as healthy 1-year-olds.