GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Wednesday morning, Gallatin police arrested 22-year-old Davion Holt on aggravated assault charges after he reportedly threw a cup of liquid in the face of a fast food worker Monday night.

Restaurant surveillance shows the 24-year-old clerk at the drive through window. As she opened the window, you can see an item rapidly enter and liquid splatter.

The employee appeared to be stunned, before bending over and beginning to wipe her face as another co-worker looked on.

According to police, the clerk picked Holt out of a photo line up. Police say he paid for his chicken meal, which cost $2.83, using his own credit card in his own name.

According to police, when he got his meal, he reportedly said to the clerk, “You a rude a** b****.” He then threw the liquid at the woman and drove off.

Police say the liquid smelled like bleach. The cup was confiscated and will be tested.

“It’s a very aggressive assault. These people are working, trying to make a living. The general public pulls up and throws some type of liquid into their face. It’s very insulting. It is a very aggressive assault,” Lt. Lamar Ballard said.

During his arrest, News 2 tried to get a comment from the suspect.

“Sir, you threw bleach into a lady’s face. Why?” asked News 2 reporter Andy Cordan

“Man, I didn’t throw no bleach,” Holt answered, claiming the liquid he threw was water.

Holt entered the building where police say he confessed to throwing the cup of liquid, maintaining it was only water.

Police charged the 22-year-old with aggravated assault.

“I mean this was a violent attack, that is why it lead to an aggravated assault. This was very aggressive, you can see in the video. The liquid is thrown, it goes into the restaurant and almost strikes other employees behind the employee struck. It did smell like bleach and of course we do have the cup to test the contents of what the liquid was,” Lt. Ballard said.

Police say EMS checked out the woman, who did not need to be transported for treatment.