GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Gallatin man who accidentally had police called on himself two months ago was arrested yet again on drugs and weapons charges.

On Wednesday afternoon, Gallatin police officers initiated a traffic stop on 24-year-old Brandon Banks.

After asking him if there was marijuana in the car, the officers tried to detain him. That’s when Banks reportedly ran away, but was caught after a brief chase.

Officers searched his car and found 13.3 pounds of marijuana, over $1,200 in cash, and a gun that was reported stolen in 2020. When officers found the gun, it was reportedly loaded and had an extended magazine.

Gallatin police told News 2 Banks was charged in July after he was found with an AK-47 and marijuana.

According to police, Banks is no stranger to a pair of handcuffs.

On July 22, he was reportedly arrested along with three others after a woman with the group accidentally made a 911 call.

“My phone is glitching. I did not mean to call,” the woman told 911.

By policy, police must respond and when they got to the home, they smelled marijuana and ordered everyone outside.

Officers later found five pounds of marijuana, $18,000 in cash and an AK-47 style weapon that police said belonged to Banks.

“In this case, they helped us out. We appreciate it,” Lt. Ballard said jokingly.

According to investigators, not only did they find 13 pounds of marijuana in Banks’ car Wednesday afternoon, but officers also found his arrest paperwork from the accidental 911 call and arrest this past July.

“His affidavit and evidence log from July of this year [was] in the bags making sure we identified it as his,” Lt. Ballard said smiling.

Banks now faces additional drugs and weapons charges.

He is once again in the Sumner County Jail, this on a $150,000 bond.