GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Canine Influenza has become a growing concern here in Tennessee. The illness is extremely contagious and deadly among our furry friends.

News 2 spoke with a local associate veterinarian who recommends you avoid areas like the dog park or boarding facilities if your dog is not vaccinated as the illness is so contagious.

Critter Clinic in Gallatin says they are seeing a ton of sick dogs coming in with respiratory symptoms.

Associate Veterinarian Julie Becker says right now there are two confirmed cases as a majority of dog owners are forgoing testing as the cost is high. However, she says the sick dogs check all the boxes for the illness.

To juggle the large intake, the animal hospital now has an isolation area where they treat sick dogs with full protective gear on so they don’t transmit the illness.

“The biggest concern for us is how are we going to treat the sickest dogs. We really should not unless it is a desperate situation; we really should not bring them into our hospital to hospitalize because then our whole facility is at risk and we can’t treat the dogs for other things that need influenza,” Julie Becker, Associate Veterinarian said.

Becker says the vaccines are in high demand as animal hospitals rush to place orders.

“The problem now is our supply is about to run out, and these manufactures are on back order. So we are going to run out of the vaccine in short order,” Becker said.

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