SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN) — Robertson County, Robertson County Schools, and the city of Springfield are putting employees’ health at top of mind, opening a new medical clinic for all its staff to use for free.

Joseph Bruton, a Robertson County Schools bus driver works, part time, so he didn’t qualify for health insurance. With special needs children at home who require ample medical care, the cost of doctors visits added up.

“If something catastrophic came up or if I needed a regular procedure done, it would have been excessive for me, so this is an amazing program for us,” Bruton said.

Robertson County, Robertson County Schools, and Springfield obtained a grant to open the clinic. It took officials around a year to complete renovations.

Now that it’s open, staff and their families can go for sick visits, check-ups, and fill their generic prescriptions at no cost, even if they aren’t insured.

“There are two big barriers that prevent people from getting healthcare. It’s cost and convenience, and we’ve eliminated both of those,” Todd Garlington, the president of Medical Analysis said.

Before the clinic, county, city, and school district employees would have to wait days or weeks to get into the doctor and would have to take a half or full day to go. Now, they can schedule appointments at the clinic sooner or walk in during their lunch break.

“They see their patients in about 12 to 15 minutes, so it’s easy. You come in, you get checked out, and then you can either go back to work, or take your prescriptions. If you need to take a sick day, then you can do that,” Dr. Chris Causey, director of Robertson County Schools said.

In addition, the entities hope the free clinic will be a powerful tool in recruiting and retaining the best staff.

“Anytime you give benefits, you’re able to hire more people, and that’s a big plus for all counties, because right now we’re all short,” Billy Vogle, Robertson County mayor said.

Leaders will continue to adjust operations at the clinic to best cater to their employees. There is room to expand if needed.