Franklin woman claims dog sitter stole from her while she was in Paris, opened credit card

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FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – You hire somebody. They’re in your home for nine days, sleeping in your bed, caring for your beloved dogs.  

“I read it, it’s right there in their motto, trusted dog sitters,” says Julie Boggess.   

But that trusted person, Boggess says, was stealing from her. Now, she is sharing her story to protect other pet owners, like her.  

“She texted me updates of herself with the dogs, sending us pictures.”  

Boggess found the sitter on the site She and her husband were traveling to Paris, needed the help, and felt good about the woman they hired. By the time Boggess returned, it seemed like her dogs were in good hands, and everything went as hoped.  

Apparently, it did not.   

“I posted a nice review over on Rover, saying how well it went, and the next day my husband got a call from Discover, saying an account had been opened in his name.”  

Boggess says the dog sitter open their mail, completed a credit card application the day Boggess left, and used her husband’s social security, which she found in the home.  The sitter is accused of charging several hundred dollars to Kroger and Walmart.  

“It creeps me out someone was in my home for nine days,” says Boggess. “She was stealing from us, and that’s a devastating feeling.”  

Franklin Police are investigating the credit card fraud, and at least one other similar case.  

“Only let people come into your home that you know, or that you have a friend who has vouched for,” Boggess says.  

Boggess also had to block her social security number, as well as her daughter’s. Her dogs were in good condition when she returned from her trip.  

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