FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Last fall, thieves stole three trucks and tons of tools from Foriest Tree Care in Franklin.

President of the company, Walt Ward, said he estimates it cost them about $300,000 in damages and stolen property.

It happened in mid-October. Security cameras captured three people cutting through a fence and breaking into the main office. They stole keys and drove off with three trucks, trailers, chain saws and more.

“We’re continuing to suffer a little bit from not having all the pieces of our equipment replaced yet just because it’s so hard to find equipment now and even just get parts to fix the trucks,” Ward said.

Ward said over the last six months they’ve recovered all three trucks but none of the trailers or tools. With less trucks and tools, he said they’ve lost business and several customers.

But Ward said the theft has hurt his employees the most.

“I hope that they will see that what they do impacts hard working guys every day because the people that it hurt here were the guys that need a paycheck every day, that have a family, and have dependents that rely on them to be able to come to work,” Ward said.

Ward said two people have been charged in connection with the theft, but a third is still at large. Franklin police could not immediately confirm that information on Wednesday.

If you know anything about the theft, call Franklin police.