NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Williamson County man says he’s filing a federal lawsuit against Kathy Griffin. Former CEO, Sam Johnson, says he and his family were subjects of online harassment after a video went public of him confronting a teenage boy wearing a prom dress in April 2021.

Cell phone video taken April 24, 2021, captured Dalton Stevens, a then senior at Franklin High School, being ridiculed by a man later identified as Johnson—seen saying “you look like an idiot” to Stevens.

The viral clip caught the attention of celebrities, including Kathy Griffin.

Two days after the incident, Johnson, then-CEO of a local telemedicine company VisuWell, was terminated by the company.

On April 28, 2021, Johnson told News 2 that the incident wasn’t about Stevens’ attire, “It was all about their behavior originally. They made it about the attire. They were being obnoxious and profane in one of my favorite restaurants. Many of us in the restaurant were appalled and I was the only one willing to say something about it.”

Just over a year after the incident, Johnson tweeted he was he’s filing the lawsuit to “stand up against the woke social mob that wants to strip us of our livelihoods and careers.”

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Griffin tweeted she would fight the suit and not settle, adding she doesn’t think Johnson got fired because of her.