FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — While multiple areas of Middle Tennessee clean up from this weekend’s storms, residents in Franklin are picking up the pieces of downed trees, including several that landed on houses.  

Robert Buchanan recalled sitting in the living room Saturday, Aug. 12, watching TV, when the stormy weather became much more powerful than he was expecting.  

“I just heard some just ‘boom!’ And that’s when I looked outside and seen a number of trees on top of the roof,” he described. “The floor is, like, ruined, and it’s like a puddle all over the kitchen floor and it’s just horrible.” 

Robert quickly called his mother, Anita Buchanan, and told her to come home. 

“I was trying to get here, and I couldn’t get here because the power lines were down and had to turn around,” Anita explained. 

Once she arrived at their house on Cedar Drive, she was shocked to find a massive tree toppled over on their roof, with some parts even breaking through to the kitchen.  

“It was terrible, and when he called me and let me know that the tree had fell on the house, I didn’t have no earthly idea it was going to be that huge,” Anita said.  

Now the Buchanan family fears the future of their home, which once belonged to Anita’s mother and Robert’s grandmother. 

As they await insurance adjusters to arrive, the Buchanans ask for any help others can offer. 

“I still can smell my mom in there…I just don’t want my house demolished and it’s fixing to get demolished. You see the clouds coming, and it’s going to destroy it,” Anita told News 2.

Maple Drive also saw significant damage, with multiple trees uprooted. Neighbors spent Sunday, Aug. 13, working to break up branches and stumps with chainsaws.  

“The wind started picking up, and the front door doesn’t lock, so it was opening, so I opened our door to lock the screen door and just saw all the trees just bending, just going crazy with the wind,” Franklin resident Randall Sanders recalled. 

Sanders worked to help neighbors after the storm, clearing debris from driveways so residents could leave.  

“It’s probably the most damage I’ve seen living here for the past six years,” he said. “Like I said, it started and it was over in about 10 minutes.”

Although damage was widespread, Sanders was relieved to learn that no one on his street was injured.

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