FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Many Franklin residents have recently learned about potential risks in their drinking water, making this the city’s Water Management Department’s third violation in the last three years.

“This exposure is one that is a risk over many, many years. It’s not a short-term or immediate issue at all for folks,” said City Administrator Eric Stuckey.

The City of Franklin sent a notice to all residents in the mail on Tuesday, May 9 about its water service violating federal drinking water standards by using too much disinfectant byproduct.

“We do a series of treatments to make the water safe and to address things like algae or microbial bodies that could be in the water. So, we use chlorine and things like that to help treat that. That’s a good thing; we’re fighting against things that make the water unsafe, and we’re making it safe,” Stuckey said.

The violation came to light after a water test at the beginning of 2023 through the end of March.

Although residents just received a notice about the violation from earlier this year, a water sample two weeks ago showed the levels are back to normal.

“Maximum results from that measurement was 0.0479 mg/L. That’s versus the standard of 0.080 mg/L. When you look at it today, with the most recent measurements, and then you also do a 12-month look back, it’s all in compliance now,” Stuckey said.

The city said the water is safe. There’s no immediate action that residents need to take, and they’re working on addressing specific areas with higher risks of a byproduct buildup.

“In the last couple of years, we have created more looping, more connections, so the water keeps flowing. We are cycling water more rapidly or more quickly through our storage tanks. All those contribute to improved systems and us coming in at these numbers that are now significantly below the standard,” Stuckey said.