FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest Monday was broadcast on national television in front of millions, sparking a lot of interest in CPR training.

For years, the Franklin Fire Department has been offering CPR courses every February in honor of American Heart Month.

“It usually takes a few weeks to get those classes filled,” said Jamie Melton, a fire and life safety educator for the Franklin Fire Department.

After 15 years of organizing these classes, Melton said this week was the first time she’s seen such a tremendous level of responses.

“It was solid emails of CPR registrations,” Melton told News 2.

All of Franklin’s CPR classes for the entire month of February booked up in just 24 hours.

“We are thankful that people want to learn how to do good, quality, bystander CPR,” Melton said.

Franklin Fire will hold classes again in June for CPR and AED Awareness Month, but this week’s response was so large the department is also looking into adding more classes before then.

According to Melton, statistics show that performing CPR on someone suffering from cardiac arrest can triple their chances of surviving.

“We just want people to feel confident,” Melton said. “We don’t want them to be afraid to step up and take action if they see somebody become unresponsive.”

Franklin’s CPR classes are free and open to anyone age 12 and older. You will be able to learn how to use an AED, help someone who is choking, and perform CPR.

For more information about CPR, you can visit the American Red Cross website or watch video tutorials from the American Heart Association.