WINCHESTER, Tenn. (WKRN) – After an extensive multi-county manhunt, 57-year-old Steven “Petey” Henley is behind bars in Franklin County. Investigators say he shot his girlfriend’s son, 36-year-old Quentin Nathanial Stacey, outside of a home on Norwood Creek Road in Winchester. He was found late Monday afternoon in a garage behind a home on East England Street.

Family of the victim says they did all they could in this case with an order of protection in place against the suspect, who was arrested twice in just the last couple of weeks for violating it.

“At the end of the day an order of protection is just a piece of paper, but it does have some really important enhancement factors that go along with it,” Franklin County Sgt. Samuel Davidson told News 2. 

In this case, the victim and suspect both lived on the property that Sgt. Davidson says houses three residences.

“It’s heartbreaking; it really is. I know it would be for me. This family and others involved that have orders of protection this has not been a acute thing like this has been ongoing. There’s been a problem brewing for sometime.”

Steven “Petey” Henley was taken into custody by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Monday. (Courtesy: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

Sgt. Davidson saying Henley has a criminal history that dates back to 2001 with two previous aggravated assault charges, one as recent as November of 2020. Henley was most recently arrested just weeks ago on Aug. 27 and again one week later, both for harassment and violating an order of protection.

Monday’s search for Henley extended into Coffee County and included multiple efforts through technology. However, Davidson says it was ultimately help from the community, the TBI, Winchester Police, as well as good old fashioned police work that led to Henley’s arrest.

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“It is a pretty rare occurrence in Franklin County for there to be a homicide,” Davidson said. “I believe our last one was in 2020, and it’s typically one, two, three years in between homicides. So when something like this happened, we certainly work really hard to try and solve it in a quick manner, and everybody comes together and works together.”