FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — From stranger, to savior, to a new friend. A Franklin woman finally got to thank the man she owed her life to.

Just two weeks ago, Lauren Clements shared her inspiring story with News 2 in hopes of finding this stranger. On Friday, she got to meet him.

Lauren Clements tried everything to find the man who saved her from jumping off the Natchez Trace Bridge four years ago.

Through social media posts, her TikTok account, and even sitting down with us to help spread the word, nothing seemed to work.

But that all changed when Lauren requested the 911 call through Williamson County, and finally, there it was. His name was loud and clear: Elliott Lopes.

Lauren finally found and has now met the mystery man who saved her life.

“My apartment, everything you see, none of this would be here if you weren’t there, at the right place, at the right time,” Lauren said to Elliott.

In July 2018, Lauren fully intended to jump off the Natchez Trace Bridge and end her life.

Elliott was riding by on his bike when he noticed Lauren and immediately knew something wasn’t right about it.

“I think I was standing on that ledge not even a minute before you just appeared. I think I would’ve jumped within the next couple of seconds had you not been there,” Lauren said.

“It just didn’t feel right, so that’s why I turned around and came back. There’s just that gut reaction, there’s something in your gut that says this isn’t right, and I needed to stop and investigate. I’m just so grateful that I did and happy that I did,” Elliott said.

Lauren replied, “You were just being a good person.”

During their meeting, Lauren gifted Elliott a keychain with a quote he said in an email to her that reads “I know our paths crossing was no accident.”

Still in shock about receiving the gift, Elliott said, “That’s for sure, it definitely was not an accident.”

“This is just a wonderful gift to me to be able to meet you, and to know that you’re healthy and you’re on your way and journey of recovery,” Elliott said.

“I just always wanted you to know how thankful I was. You probably could assume I was thankful, but I also wanted you to know just the difference it made in my life,” Lauren said.

Elliott said sitting right next to Lauren, “I mean, this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.”

Lauren quickly replied, “I mean, for me too.”

Now, Lauren can finally close that chapter of her life and continue healing.

“I feel like this is such a huge, monumental moment in my recovery and my healing journey. I feel like almost it brings me closure to that day. My hope is that someone struggling, maybe feeling the same way I was four years ago, can see this and be like she made it out and I can too,” Lauren said.

The two newfound friends have plans to stay in touch and get together again after the holidays. Elliott wants Lauren to meet his family and get to know them.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with mental health, don’t forget help is always available. Just dial 988.

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Through the Tennessee statewide crisis hotline, you can call 855-CRISIS-1 (855-274-7471) or Text “TN” to 741-741 for mental health support.

For more resources, visit Tennessee’s Crisis Services & Suicide Prevention links or the Tennessee-based Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

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