Former workers at Mike Tyson’s Murfreesboro CBD facility sue company for unpaid wages

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A group of former employees have filed a lawsuit against their former employers over unpaid wages, in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The group of defendants named in the lawsuit includes Tyson Ranch Processing, LLC the company that runs the Tyson Ranch CBD oil facility in Murfreesboro.

Four of the five named plaintiffs worked at the Murfreesboro factory.

The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs, and class members they are representing, were often required to work 18-hour days and 60-hour weeks while working for the defendants.

The plaintiffs also reportedly had to attend “pass down” meetings prior to scheduled shifts and stay after work for mandatory weekly meetings; neither of which they were paid for while attending. The lawsuit also states that any overtime hours worked were transferred over as “paid time off” at regular rate of pay. They allege employees were required to perform work “off the clock” outside of their scheduled shift times.

The plaintiffs claim they were told by managers that overtime was not paid to employees no matter how many hours were worked per week.

The former employees were terminated when they complained about the way they were compensated for their work, the document states.

The lawsuit claims the defendants violated FLSA and “knowingly, willfully, or with reckless disregard carried out their illegal pattern or practice of failing to pay overtime compensation with respect to Plaintiffs and Class Members in both California and Tennessee.”

Tyson Holistic Holdings, Inc. which is based out of California, is also named in the lawsuit along with Tyson Ranch Processing, LLC. The two companies were founded in 2016 by “Iron” Mike Tyson and his business partner Robert A. Hickman.

Tyson himself is not named in the lawsuit, but Hickman is listed as one of the defendants along with the two companies.

The lawsuit was filed in Nashville on September 11, 2020.

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