NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — While many are celebrating Cyntoia Brown’s release, some feel differently.

A prosecutor in Brown’s case is frustrated, saying the facts have been misconstrued.

Jeff Burks, who is no longer with the local DA’s office and is now in Georgia, says he doesn’t have a strong position about Brown’s sentencing or release but says that he is bothered that the facts have been re-worked painting Brown as a victim. 

Burks says she is not a victim, she was not fighting back and is a murderer. He went on to explain that he talked to every witness in the case and saw the “horrific” crime scene. 

“I know that she murdered him to commit a robbery. I know that she told her mother on a phone call that she executed the victim. I know that she tried to escape, she threatened nurses where she was sent for a mental health evaluation, she threatened to kill them just like she killed our victim,” Burks explained. 

He also claimed that Brown was in juvenile trouble before committing the murder, where she caused immense problems.

He says Johnny Allen and his family are the victims and that since celebrities have gotten behind Brown, there is no focus on who was killed. 

“It’s been incredibly traumatic for them and they are the victims. Johnny Allen is the victim and his family is the victim. It’s unfortunate that that’s kind of gotten overlooked.”

Burks went on to say that reasonable minds can differ in how a juvenile is treated when they commit a serious crime like this and that there have been greater injustices.