Former Nashville Predators Centre Mike Fisher weighed in on the marijuana debate in Tennessee on Twitter Sunday. 

Fisher, responding to a News 2 poll with the question, “Should Tennessee legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use?”

Fisher replied with a simple answer, “No.” 

Fisher faced scrutiny from Twitter users, with one user suggesting he “come home and talk to our PM on the issue.’

The user was referring to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as Fisher is Canadian. Canada legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes last year. 

‘Weed’: Will Tennessee ever go there?

Fisher went on to say that medical marijuana is fine with him. 

News 2 is investigating how the evolving attitudes about legalizing marijuana are having an impact in Tennessee and around the country. We have special reports on Weed in every newscast on Thursday, January 31st. You can also join the discussion in a live town hall meeting airing at 6:30 p.m.