Former NFL quarterback Dilfer takes on a new challenge

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Trent Dilfer is used to making moves in life.  He’s held the title of NFL quarterback, ESPN analyst, and now head coach. 

“I don’t think you’re supposed to retire at 47.  I thought about it and realized that easy things aren’t great things.  Hard things are great things, and I need something hard,” said Lipscomb Academy head football coach Trent Dilfer. 

Dilfer was realistic when it came to tackling his new role at Lipscomb Academy.  After being hired in January, he went right to work. 

“It was one week of 20-hour days and hundreds of phone calls to my networks,” added Dilfer. 

That support system runs deep, from Bill Parcells to Sean Payton and Sean McVay, he’s using these great football minds to help build something of his own. 

“I think I know the core principles. I’ve tried to be a learner as much as a teacher, so I’m trying to learn every day,” said Dilfer. 

One thing that he doesn’t need to learn is how to work hard.  He’s sharing that message with his players. 

“We’re still building a team.  Nobody has a number or a nameplate and we don’t even have a roster on max preps.  You have to earn that privilege to be a part of this team,” said Dilfer. 

So far that message has been received well by these Mustangs, but now it’s all about aiming for a bigger goal.  Trent Dilfer wants to win, that’s no secret. 

Dilfer exclaimed, “I want to win games, I’ll start shaking I’m so competitive!” 

But he made this move for much more than that. 

“I will never put that ahead of why I’m here and that’s to help inspire young men to become better young men, so hopefully we can live in a better place,” added Dilfer. 

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