Former Davidson County judge Casey Moreland sentenced to 44 months in prison

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Former Davidson County Judge Casey Moreland was sentenced to 44 months in prison Friday. He pleaded guilty to several felony charges earlier this year. 

Upon his release, Moreland must pay $18,000 to the Tennessee Recovery Foundation, which he helped create and stole from, and attend drug and alcohol treatment. He will also be under supervised probation for three years. 

Moreland pleaded guilty in May to five felony charges including obstruction of justice, conspiring to retaliate against witnesses, theft from a federal program, destroying documents/evidence and tampering with witnesses. 

“Any time an individual attempts to destroy evidence or tamper with witnesses while under investigation, it strikes at the heart of our system of justice,” said federal prosecutors in a pre-sentence letter to the judge. 

The letter also stated Moreland took trips to Costa Rice with several attorneys, where they hired local prostitutes and smoked/ingested pot.  

“In this old-boys-club environment Moreland and those close to him were exempt from the rules that governed the conduct of everyone else,” said prosecutors. 

Moreland’s wife of 34 years wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency. She also took the stand Friday. She said her husband was diagnosed with depression more than 10 years ago and his drinking became out of control.  

Moreland addressed the judge before receiving his sentence by reading a letter. He apologized to the citizens of Davidson County and thanked his wife, family, and friends for their continued support. 

The federal judge, Waverly Crenshaw, said that the sentencing was the end of a sad story.   

Moreland had faced five years in prison as part of his plea agreement. Without the plea, he would have faced a maximum of 75 years in prison. 

Moreland served as a Davidson County judge for 20 years and created Nashville’s drug court and the Drug Court Foundation, which helps those battling addiction avoid jail and get treatment. 

In January last year, the FBI began investigating allegations that the judge was exchanging sex for leniency.  

Moreland sat down with News 2 exclusively to address the allegations.  

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At the time he said, “We’re all human and we all make mistakes even judges. I hope that if I was arrested for anything that I’ve put people behind bars for that I would get the exact same punishment that they did.” 

Moreland was indicted a month after the interview. The FBI determined that Moreland had given favorable treatment to at least two women in exchange for sexual favors. He also tried to stop the women from speaking with law enforcement.  

The FBI launched another investigation. He was later charged with taking money from the drug court foundation he helped create and for asking the director, Nan Casey, to destroy documents and lie to help him.  

Casey pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit theft or embezzlement and destruction of records with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation.  

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