Food truck vendors in Lebanon to face new regulations

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Food truck vendors in Lebanon are feeling the heat after city council took its first steps to regulate the mobile truck business.

This week, Lebanon City Council members passed an ordinance they said gets ahead of a potential problem.

Food trucks are meant to be temporary, but council members told News 2 that without any municipal code regulating them, several vendors have become semi-permanent restaurants.

“Just more better,” said food truck worker Luis Hernandez. “Stay in one spot, rather than going around.”

Customers, like Gary Lindsey, agreed.

“The stationed ones are a lot better, they get parked up,” said Lindsey. “They’re there every time you come. If they move around, you can’t find them.”
But come July 1st, customers like Lindsey, are going to have to do some searching for their favorite mobile truck foods.

That’s the deadline for the new food truck ordinance council passed.

The new regulations mean food trucks must have self-contained power, be in a self-contained vehicle, and must move every 24 hours.

Council member for Ward 3 Rob Cesternino said he’s seen some food trucks stay in the same place for months.

Coupled with the booming popularity of food trucks in Lebanon, he said, something has to be done.

“We’ve seen a couple of food trucks that we weren’t comfortable with what was going on with them, so we put this ordinance in place to make sure we wouldn’t have a problem that we had to all of the sudden do a 180,” said Cesternino. “We just want to get ahead of it.”

Lindsey is opposed to the regulations.

“No good, I don’t like it,” said Lindsey. “He’s (food truck owner) here. We know where he is everytime we’re done with work. We don’t have to drive around looking for him.”

The ordinance is set for a second reading in about two weeks.

After that, the deadline for vendors to comply is July 1st.

Vendors who don’t comply will face a fine of $50.

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