Fire departments urge safety when it comes to fireworks

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With fireworks being a key component to most Fourth of July celebrations, fire departments are urging everyone to be safe.  

Firework tents are already popping up around Middle Tennessee.  

News 2 was there Monday as a tent was going up in Rutherford County within the city limits. 

Fire officials said fireworks can be downright dangerous.  

“Burns to the hands, burns to the face – those type of injuries are what we see and they can start grass fires, brush fires which could lead to a structure fire,” said Clay Malone, Assistant Fire Marshal.  

The Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Department are also sending warnings out to residents when it comes to shooting off fireworks.  

“I would advise that kids have adult supervision, always have a water source, a garden hose, or something like that,” Malone said.  

Malone also said you should never hold firecrackers in your hand and throw them before they explode.

“Roman candles – a lot of people misuse them,” he said. “They hold them in their hands and they shoot them this way and they can shoot them at people which is not good. Obviously, this could burn back or it could explode in your hand causing a burn. We recommend they put them in a container or bury them in the ground.” 

Murfreesboro has strict city ordinances when it comes to some consumer-grade fireworks – some are illegal.  

“Bottle rockets and reloadable mortals are illegal in the City of Murfreesboro. They can be used as weapons. We’ve even had them shot at a police officer before,” Fire and Life Specialist, Shandreah Womack said.  

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