Fingerprint leads Hendersonville police to violent accused carjackers

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Sumner County mother is sleeping easier tonight thanks to the non-stop work of Hendersonville police officers who arrested four teens linked to a recent violent carjacking.

It happened on June 7, and for nine days police put every available resource on the case until it was solved.

According to Lt. Scott Ryan, the case all came together because of a single fingerprint that they were able to quickly process thanks to a special FBI fingerprint program the department utilizes.

“That’s what broke the case for us,” Det. David Harrell said.

Surveillance video shows the four shadowy suspects running up the driveway of Brieanne Butler’s home. Moments later, her husband was robbed at gunpoint and the family’s car was stolen.

“I thought it was a joke,” Butler said. “It was right outside my window and I heard the voices and you sit there and you think of all the possibilities – they could’ve forced him in so, all that could’ve happened and I’m so glad they are off the streets and I can sleep better.”

Around the same time as that crime, Hendersonville police found a stolen car out of Nashville. Detectives believe it was abandoned by the carjackers who attacked Butler’s husband.

Using the special fingerprint program, Det. Harrell was able to develop a short list of possible suspects in the case. Harrell then hand-delivered those names to experts at the TBI Crime Lab in Nashville and within 24 hours the fingerprint in the stolen car is linked to 18-year-old Deion Boyd.

“This is the guy we will hold responsible,” Harrell said.

Armed with Boyd’s information, Hendersonville police arrested Boyd and three others juveniles in the case. By the time he was identified, police said Boyd had fled to south Florida.

“When you have a violent crime, it impacts the entire community. It is important that people feel safe,” Lt. Ryan said. “When you come up here, [to] Hendersonville, and do something violent, we will throw everything we have at you to solve that crime and that’s what we did.”

Boyd and 18-year-old Traivon Bohannon are both charged with aggravated robbery and theft.

Two minors were also arrested in the case, including a 16-year-old who bragged he had been arrested nearly 100 times before.

The juveniles are being held in a detention facility and it is expected they will have a transfer hearing in the near future to decide if they should be prosecuted in adult court.

As for Butler and her family, she said she is relieved police acted so quickly and worked so hard to solve the case.

“That’s amazing. I’m thankful they are like that in this community,” she said. “I hope it sends a message to the bad guys not to come to Hendersonville. It’ll be a week and you will be caught.”

The police department used a total of 17 officers and paid 517 hours of overtime to solve the case.

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