Fighter jets intercept multiple private planes over the skies of Middle Tennessee

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(WKRN) — A presidential no-fly zone saw two military fighter jets intercept two Middle Tennessee private planes Thursday afternoon.

NORAD confirms that a military jet was scrambled in the Dickson area to intercept a private aircraft. According to officials, the fighter deployed flares near the aircraft that had wandered into restricted air space. That plane reportedly landed without incident.

Approximately two hours later, at 4:40 pm, an F-16 was scrambled over Spring Hill to intercept another private aircraft that wandered into civilian airspace.

Many people heard the roar of the jet, including the Spring Hill Fire Chief, Terry Hood, who was stationed at Fire Station 3.

“It shook the station and shook us inside. It was pretty loud,” Hood says.

“It shook the station and shook us inside. It was pretty loud.”

Spring Hill Fire Chief Terry Hood

“It was the sound that got our attention. It shook the building and the pad we were all standing on. That got your attention, it drew you to the sky to see what was going on and why it was so low,” the chief adds.

According to the FAA, the no-fly zone extends 32 nautical miles from Nashville. Multiple people recorded the intercept in Spring Hill and posted it to social media.

Lt. Colby Flint was also at Fire Station 3 and said the roar shook the entire building.

“That is what caused us to come out of the fire station to begin with, it was shaking the whole fire station. Pretty awesome. It was incredible. It made me proud,” said Lt. Flint.

According to NORAD, once contacted, the private pilot over Spring Hill landed without further incident

“You don’t see that every day in Spring Hill,” said Chief Hood.

News 2 spoke with a fighter pilot who said these incidents involving civilian pilots and changing TFR’s (temporary flight Restrictions) happen more often than you think, and usually end without incident like the two that took place Thursday in the skies over Middle Tennessee.

There is no word on who the pilots were or their reasons for flying at the time.

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