LOBELVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A felon’s attempt to pay rent with an AR-15 style rifle landed him back behind bars. Daniel and Mollie Baker were arrested in Perry County, as the couple was out on bond from a 2016 Cheatham County homicide. 

“Once we began the investigation, that’s when we learned who we were dealing with,” explained Perry County Sheriff Nick Weeks. 

Daniel and Mollie Baker face murder charges in the shooting death of Gregory Sanders outside an Ashland City home.  

“Both individuals had ankle bracelets that they were wearing, said they had them for like five years now being out in bond in Cheatham County,” said Weems.  

The investigation led deputies to do surveillance on a Lobelville thrift Store that the Bakers were running. 

“There were officers watching the thrift store and the home. Inside the thrift store, another firearm was found, a 357 revolver. Inside the home, there were drugs found. It was all simple possession; marijuana, methamphetamine, pills stuff like that,” Weems said.

Daniel and Mollie Baker are now facing weapon and drug charges in Perry County. 

“People like that are dangerous. They are dangerous to their community, they are dangerous to law enforcement and there’s definitely something wrong with the judicial system if they’ve been out on bond for five years for a murder that happened five years ago. The wheels of justice turn slow and that’s a prime example,” said Weems. 

Daniel, 43, has a lengthy criminal history including assault on an officer, burglary and theft. His 40-year-old wife, Mollie, has charges dating back to 2014 in Cheatham County. 

The victim of the 2016 murder, Gregory Sanders, was a family member of the now-charged Midtown murderer Michael Mosley. 

Mosley was named as an aggressor in a 2019 fight at the Cheatham County Jail that targeted Daniel and led to a riot. Mosley is also accused of attacking Mollie at a Walmart in 2018. 

Cheatham County officials point to the pandemic as being the major factor for the delayed murder trial. Investigators say the couple will likely be transferred back to Cheatham County Jail and have their bonds revoked. 

The cycle of repeat offenders is frustrating for law enforcement. 

“It seems like it’s a continuous revolving door. We are dealing with the same people, over and over and over and something has to change with our judicial system, with our laws, our punishments, something’s got to give,” said Weems. 

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Mollie is still in custody in Perry County, but the sheriff says Daniel has been sent to a mental facility.