HUMPHREYS COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Investigators are fearing the worst for a missing woman with disabilities in Humphreys County.

Janie Malady has been missing for 48 days. The 27-year-old was last seen walking down Porch Reed Road just outside of Waverly on April 10. Investigators say it was around 3 in the afternoon and some two hours later her cellphone terminated communication in the same area.

“Ever since then she’s just gone missing; she’s gone off the chart,” Sheriff Chris Davis told News 2.

It’s as though Malady just vanished as they grasp for clues in the case.

“We are hoping for the best, but fearing for the worst and we always want to be optimistic on that but it’s, it’s just time we reached out and got information if we can find it,” the sheriff explained.

Malady suffers from a number of medical conditions, her mother telling News 2 that she has the mentality of a young child.

“She had a mental evaluation done and they said she had the mental capacity of like an eight-year-old,” Jeanett Malady explained.

The sheriff added that Malady has autism and suffers from seizures, conditions that have family and investigators concerned as they approach nearly two months in search efforts.

“I was like scared to death that she might have had a seizure, fell off in the woods somewhere you know and I’ve looked; the police have looked. She’s not out there, so where is she? People don’t just disappear without somebody seeing her,” proclaimed the mom.

The sheriff said they are concerned she may have been preyed on.

“She’s very apt to get into the car with somebody that she may not have known, thinking that they were okay or they were friendly and we feel that maybe even a predator has come through this area and has maybe taken advantage of this situation,” Sheriff Davis said.

His concern is growing as they have exhausted search efforts in the rural area.

“We’ve searched this area with dogs, drones, horses, grid search with people. We’ve talked; we’ve interviewed people. We’ve just run into a stone wall a little bit,” Sheriff Davis said.

Malady is 5-feet, 1-inch tall and weighs around 100 pounds. She often wears a leopard print hat, leopard print shoes and carries a bag with a leopard print scarf wrapped around it.

The sheriff is offering up a cash reward for tips that help solve this case. 

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is urged to contact the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office at 931-296-2301.