CROSS PLAINS, Tenn. (WKRN) — Jennifer Wix was 21 years old when she and her 2-year-old daughter, Adrianna, disappeared from Cross Plains in March of 2004. Since then, Jennifer’s family has spent 19 of her birthdays wondering what happened and praying they’ll soon be able to bring them both home.

Jennifer’s younger sister, Casey Robinson, told News 2 it’s difficult to imagine her sister as a 41-year-old, but she tried to picture what her birthday celebration would look like if she were here.

“We all go [out] to Mexican [restaurants]. It’s like my family’s thing, but if she were here, we would be putting the hat on her and sharing margaritas, and maybe she would be sending Adrianna back off to college and [feel] a little bit down, and we would be cheering her up,” Robinson said. “It’s weird to think about how they would be now.”

Jennifer and Adrianna were last seen at a gas station in Cross Plains on March 25, 2004, according to officials.

Jennifer’s boyfriend at the time, Joey Benton, reportedly told officers he dropped the mother and daughter duo off at the gas station that day and watched them leave in a white car. Benton claimed Jennifer showed up at his house the next day without Adrianna before leaving in the same white car.

Authorities have never been able to confirm Benton’s story, and he remains a person of interest. Jennifer and Adrianna’s case is being investigated as a homicide.

More than 19 years later, Robinson said the initial sting of losing Jennifer and Adrianna has turned into a sense of longing, especially on their birthdays.

“Today, the birthdays, the anniversary, the holidays, it’s always a time of reminders for us to keep pushing their story out there,” Robinson said. “No matter if I put the case down for a bit, become overwhelmed with it, other things come in the way, priorities, these days always remind me it’s still here, it’s still a thing.”

Every year, the family spends Jennifer and Adrianna’s birthdays together remembering the mother and daughter. This year in honor of Jennifer’s birthday, they went out to dinner and refreshed the flowers at her memorial bench at the high school.

Despite their hashtag #JusticeforJenniferandAdriannaWix, which Robinson and her mother created after Jennifer and Adrianna disappeared, their family told News 2 they’d rather bring them home than get justice.

“If you lost someone from an illness or God forbid a car accident, you have that closure. We do not have that,” Robinson said. “We do not need to know what happened. Hopefully we find out what happened, but our biggest goal is just locating them and laying them to rest.”

Robinson encouraged the Springfield and Cross Plains community to continue to talk about what happened to Jennifer and Adrianna to potentially generate more leads.

Anyone with information should call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND. Callers can remain anonymous and qualify for a $25,000 reward.