Family of former soldier accused of raping, killing daughter fighting for his innocence

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While police say a former soldier raped and murdered his baby daughter, his family has launched a website to fight for his innocence.  

But prosecutors tell News 2, the website doesn’t share the whole story.  

It was in November 2017 that authorities say Army Medic Chris Conway, raped and murdered 9-month-old Adeline. 

But now, with trial months away, the family is appealing to the court of public opinion.  

“I want people to know that he’s not a monster, he’s a loving husband and a loving father,” said Jacob Conway, Chris’ brother. “He would do anything to take care of his family.” 

Jacob Conway is the author of the website “Chris Conway’s Justification”, which lays out his brother’s defense. 

“Regardless of where you fall on this, I think we can all agree that the criminal justice system is skewed heavily in favor of people who have money and power,” he noted. “And we don’t have that, so I said since I don’t have money or power to wield on Chris’ behalf, I can tell the truth.” 

The truth, according to Jacob after investigating the case, is that young Adeline became wrapped up in a humidifier chord.  

He and family believe Chris’ confession came about due to coercive interrogation tactics.  

They tell News 2 Chris confessed after hours of emphatic denials, some of which are included on the website.  

“I know that I did not kill my daughter,” said Chris while speaking with investigators. He later added, “I think that is the most disgusting thing and absolutely something that I would not do to my daughter.” 

But missing from the website is Chris’ eventual confession. Police and court records state Chris confessed to both sexually assaulting and murdering baby Adeline, wrapping a cord around her neck.  

“A man who is broken. His daughter has just died, his baby girl,” said Jacob. “[He’s] wanting to make it stop, just make it go away, and just giving in to interrogation tactics.” 

Clarksville police responded to the accusation through a statement: 

We do not try or discuss the merit of our cases through the media.  Our department strives to meet all legal requirements, without bias, when investigating/prosecuting a case  The courts takes all facets of a case into consideration and will make the determination whether our methodology falls within legal parameters.  In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the case, it would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing case.  We would refer any other requests for comment on this case to the DA’s office. 

– Jim Knoll  

Public Information Officer 

Clarksville Police Department  

For Jacob though, the goal is simply sharing Chris’ side.  

“If I can tell it eloquently, I will have done all that I can do for my brother,” he noted. “So that’s what I set out to do.” 

Lead prosecutor In the case, Kimberly Lund, has previously stated the website leaves out key pieces of evidence. She offered no further comment on Thursday.  

The trial is set to begin in November. 

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