COLLINWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) — Paid to punch a teen, now three young Collinwood men are suffering the consequences as the victim’s family pleads for payers. 

Kelsey Moore suffered multiple facial fractures along with a fractured vertebra in his neck after being hit by a fellow classmate on Easter Sunday.

It was a $20 bet, according to officials, that forever changed 18-year-old Kelsey Moore’s life. 

“In a moment’s notice your life can change… unbelievable,” Kelsey’s mother Christi began to cry. 

In a small community like Collinwood, everyone knows one another. 

“This isn’t what normally goes on in our area we live in a small rural area,” Christi explained. 

It’s a community that leans on faith.

“I’m a strong Christian lady and the good Lord has watched out for us and he will continue.”

It’s a community that relies on family and friends. 

“I’m sorry there (are) no words, there’s no words,” the mother cried. 

It’s a community where lifelong friendships are built through sports. 

“He’s played baseball since he was three years old. That’s his passion. He loves it,” said Christi. 

But #7, the Collinwood High School Trojans’ pitcher missed the end of his senior season.  

“Heartbreaking, heartbreaking,” his mother shook her head in disbelief.  

On Easter Sunday, a former fellow student paid a teen $20 to punch Kelsey, according to investigators, fracturing his neck and crushing nearly every bone in his face. 

“He has four titanium plates in his head and face,” Christi went on explaining a long list of serious injuries her son endured from the punches.

The brutal beating was recorded by another fellow student. In the recording, you can hear laughing as Kelsey falls to the ground. Not only scarring Kelsey physically but emotionally. 

“It’s violent and evil and there has to be consequences.”

Brandison Dru Daniel, 20, who police say paid the teen to punch Kelsey, faces conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and criminal responsibility for facilitation of a felony charges out of Wayne County. The juvenile is in juvenile detention. 

A detention hearing is being held Wednesday for the juvenile. District Attorney General Brent Copper tells News 2 he is considering filing a motion to have the teen moved to adult court.

Kelsey’s mother is praying for justice while praising God that her only son is still alive. 

“We still have him with us though so that’s a blessing,” she said. 

Kelsey has missed much of his senior year highlights, like prom where he was crowned honorary king. This week they are praying he can attend his graduation ceremony on Thursday. 

“He’s our miracle and he doesn’t stop here, this is not going to define him,” his mom said confidently. 

Kelsey earned a scholarship to Columbia State where he has plans to study engineering. 

General Cooper released the following statement to News 2: “This was a completely senseless act which will drastically alter the future of all involved.  This appears to be one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions with terrible consequences. We are praying for a full recovery for the victim.”  

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Christi hasn’t been able to work since the incident, caring for her son. A Gofundme account has been set up to help the family financially. For more information CLICK HERE.

Editor’s Note: Kelsey’s senior photographs provided by Jason Weaver, Mac Brown Photographers.