SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s been 22 years since Antonio Taylor went missing from Shelbyville and his family is still searching for answers. 

May 12 would have marked Taylor’s 44th birthday and his family is using the occasion to bring his case back into the spotlight.

For his mother, Rochelle Adams, May is an especially hard month between Mother’s Day and her son’s birthday.  

“It is the worst nightmare, especially your only child,” Adams said. “I can’t really describe how it is, it’s just an empty spot. It’s emptiness.”

Taylor’s grandmother is also working to keep her grandson’s disappearance top of mind for the community.  

“It’s like a piece of the puzzle that’s missing. The chain is broke and it’s sad not having him around on his birthday, not even having him around on times before,” Lillie Buchanan said.  

In 1999, Taylor was living with his grandmother when he went missing. His mom was set to take him to a job interview that afternoon, and just before that, his uncle stopped by for lunch. His uncle would be the last person to see Taylor.  

“Not a day goes by I don’t think about it,” William Buchanan said. “We’re just trying to bring some closure. And for anybody that says it don’t still hurt after 22 years, it still hurts.”

More than two decades later, investigators are still trying to solve Taylor’s murder.

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Shelbyville police tell News 2 they believe this is their oldest cold case. In the last year, they say one tip has trickled in that they are currently looking into.

Taylor’s family is still fighting for answers and justice for their loved one.

“We want to know one way or another. We would have closure and want justice served and give him peace,” Adams said.  

If you have any information on Taylor’s disappearance, you’re asked to call Shelbyville Police at (931) 684-5811.