NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – “He prayed every day before he went on to his shift… I remember that from when we were together,” Kristen Buell said, “Every day he prayed for safety.”

The Fourth of July 2019 would be his last prayer, as 28-year-old Metro Police Officer John Anderson would meet his end of watch, hit and killed on patrol in Nashville.

“John and I met the summer of 2016, in August,” Buell told News 2. While they were only together less than a year, out of their relationship came Gavin.

“He wanted nothing more in his life, he always wanted a son,” Buell said.

Gavin, just 18 months old, is a spitting image of his dad.

“He’s already his twin, he looks just like him,” she said, “I already know as he gets older, there’s gonna be so many things that remind me of him, and that’s something I’ll hold onto for a lifetime.”

A job and a sacrifice, the former Marine and officer gave all to protect a city he loved.

“It’s hard being…so involved in someone’s life that they’re being put out there for everyone else’s protection,” Buell told News 2, “But, that’s, that’s where his heart was. That’s what he wanted to do. He wanted to serve in Nashville.”

Buell said she’s happy Anderson got to know Gavin. “I’m happy that for the time that he did get to live,” she said, “He got, he got to be a dad.”

A life cut short, but the hero leaves behind a mighty little legacy… Ten tiny toes to grow into dad’s, a smile to show his goofiness and a fascination for the world to be just as big and brave as dad.