FAIRVIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Fairview apartment complex is taking action after multiple complaints citing deplorable living conditions. Residents claimed management was doing little to solve a rodent infestation which was having a negative impact on their lives.

“They’re not doing anything. It’s ridiculous. My kids are staying sick,” said Charnequa McNemore, a resident of Roundtree Manor apartments in Fairview, during an Aug. 1 interview with News 2.

For months, McNemore, her children, and other tenants battled a rat infestation at the Roundtree Manor complex. Chewed towels, appliances and mats, rodent urine and droplets, were among the problems she has been experiencing for months.

The problem got so bad that McNemore and her daughters, a one-year-old and four-month-old, needed treatment for bites. On top of that, they said they were dealing with non-working smoke alarms and a broken water heater as its cords chewed by rats.

“Rat feces, rat urine, all over their clothes, toys. We had to throw away all of our furniture that we did have,” said McNemore. Days after speaking with News 2 in August, McNemore and her family left the apartment to go stay in hotels with the help of community members who came together to support them in a major way.

“It was pretty chaotic. We were at one hotel in Bellevue then switched to another hotel. I’m just glad that the kids and I had a roof over our heads, could’ve been much worse,” McNemore said.

In the last 30 days, tenants said they are now seeing action after coming forward with their concerns and leaning on local advocates.

As of Friday, many apartments are now in the process of being gutted. The complex is also under new management.

On Friday, McNemore and her kids returned to not only a living space free of rodents, but a home they can feel at peace in. The apartment was deep cleaned and renovated with all new furniture, cabinets, toys for her children, and more at no cost to them, thanks to the generosity of members in the community.

“It was a lot of emotions; I can say that. When we first came in, I’ve never lived like we were living at first, and to come back and see that the apartment was refurnished, everything was fixed up,” said McNemore. “I didn’t think it was going to be possible because it took us so long, but we did have a lot of support. We can actually cook meals and stuff now; we couldn’t do that at first. The girls can crawl on the floors.”

The state fire marshal is involved with making sure smoke detectors are up to date. Fairview codes has also put the apartment complex on notice and plans to issue citations where problems have not been addressed after a mandated time.

News 2 reached out to the apartment’s management for comment on the situation. We are still waiting to hear back.