CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —Keara Hazel’s mother is speaking out for the first time since her daughter and two young grandchildren were murdered in their home nearly three years ago.

Hazel’s husband, Jordan, is awaiting trial for their deaths in Clarksville. On Tuesday his mental health was called into question by his defense during a competency hearing.

Karen Griffin was emotional as she recounted the tragic day she discovered 23-year-old Keara, 3-year-old Kayden and 9-month-old Jaylynn.

“I’ve got to be my daughter’s voice, I can’t let this go. And for other mothers out there I don’t want anybody to go through this,” Griffin said. “Being in the home with him the day that I found my daughter and my grandbabies he was perfectly sane.”

Hazel’s evaluations were analyzed by psychologists and psychiatrists during Tuesday’s hearing before a judge in Clarksville. Hazel was tested for malingering based on delusions he was reporting to mental health professionals in jail.

“He seemed to be a little inappropriate to some in his demeanor. His affect he seemed bright and cheerful. Not particularly bothered by what was going on,” Psychiatrist David Scott Crawford said.

Hazel has been admitted to Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute twice since his 2017 arrest.

During those stints in the institute Hazel was administered several tests to measure his competency and possible malingering. Mental health professionals say the findings of those tests do not suggest Hazel was exaggerating any delusions.

“Beliefs that he expressed he wasn’t really worried about his sentence or what was going to happen to him, he thought the government would intervene and undo the actions since they were responsible or that God would intervene,” Crawford said during his testimony.

Each defense witness called to testify on Tuesday discussed Hazel’s obsession with numbers. Often times changing conversation during interviews to discuss how numbers add up or how he analyzed them.

Griffin says she’s hopeful the judge will allow Hazel to stand trial in August. While she said she does not want the death penalty for her son-in-law, she wants Hazel to be sentenced to three consecutive life sentences. The judge won’t make a decision until next month.

This is a developing story. News 2 will continue to update any rulings from the judge on this case.