Ex-police officer charged with making threats against President Trump

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A 37-year-old Greenbrier man is charged with two counts of making threats against President Donald Trump.  

Andrew Long was initially charged in a criminal complaint on June 18 and is currently in federal custody.  

According to a release, Long, a former police officer with the Bowling Green Police Department, posted several “concerning messages” on his social media accounts, including, “Death is coming,” and “I will kill Donald Trump if you don’t follow my leaders’ lead.”  

President Trump was last in Nashville on May 29. Authorities allege several instances of “erratic behavior” by Long in the months leading up to the president’s visit and continuing until early June.  

Long was arrested by the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department for violating a protective order previously obtained by his family.  

Earlier this year, Greenbrier police seized several firearms from Long’s home. At the time, several officers expressed concern that Long’s behavior would escalate into an act of mass violence.  

If convicted, Long faces up to five years in prison on each count.  

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