NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Three teenage runaways are in custody after walking away from a Department of Children’s Service-sanctioned treatment facility in Nashville Saturday night.

DCS officials said the Rosewood Youth Academy is not a facility with locks and barbed wire. It is a facility where kids in state custody receive mental health treatment.

One of the young men who walked away, 16-year-old Ervyon Moore, was captured at a relative’s home in North Georgia near the Tennessee border Tuesday.

The other two suspects, 15-year-old Bruce Johnson Jr and 17-year-old Bryan Reid, were taken into custody in Cheatham County Tuesday night after some frantic moments that saw an alleged carjacking with a child in the back seat.

It all unfolded around 5 p.m. Tuesday in Pleasant View. That’s where investigators say a mother was picking up her children at daycare. According to investigators, it’s there that Johnson and Reid carjacked the woman.

Investigators say the woman’s four-year-old child was still in the back of her Honda Civic when the teens allegedly stole her car.

The mother was reportedly injured trying to stop the young men.

Cheatham County deputies and Pleasant View police were quickly alerted.

The car was spotted at the Five-Star Dental Clinic on Highway 49. It’s there that the teens reportedly removed the child from the car and left him in a back parking lot unharmed.

The child was found by dental clinic workers standing beside a Chevy Colorado pickup truck that the teens admited to stealing in their crime spree.

Dashcam from Pleasant View showed officers responding to the dental clinic and the Honda coming out.

The stolen car veered and hit a second Pleasant View police car, tearing off the squad car’s bumper.

By this time, Cheatham County deputies and PVPD got behind the stolen car and chased it down Highway 49.

After a short chase, the teens lost control and crashed into the curb.

Officers made a felony takedown and arrested the two teens without further incident.

“Yeah, it’s a miracle! It’s a miracle within itself,” said Cheatham County Chief Deputy Tim Binkley. “That generally doesn’t happen. And even up to the accident, we still thought the child was still in the vehicle.”

Once secured, the boys illuminated law officers to who they are.

From the back seat of the squad car, Reid had this talk with officers:

Reid: “We all went separate ways when we left the facility.”

Officer: “What facility?”

Reid: “Rosewood in Nashville.”

Officer: “So, you are one of the three who ran away from down there?”

Reid: “Yes sir.”

Bruce Johnson told officers the duo stole the pickup truck during their crime spree.

Officer: “How’d you all get up here?”

Johnson: “We were in a car.”

Officer: “What’s that?

Johnson: “We were in a car.”

Officer: “Did you all steal a car and come up here?”

Johnson: “Yes sir.”

Pleasant View Police Chief Tad Wheeler said he is thankful the only real damage is to his police cruiser, which will need a new bumper.

“I mean, we always want to protect everyone we can, and when there’s children involved, it amps it up for anybody,” chief Wheeler said. “We got this to a quick end, the child was okay, and it worked out the suspects’ are in custody.”

Cheatham County officers told News 2 the teens were remanded back into the custody of Metro police where they were taken to a secure facility. Investigators said it’s possible the teens will be facing serious felonies and possibly transferred to adult court.

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In a statement today, DCS officials said:

The three youth involved in Saturday night’s incident at Rosewood Youth Academy have been apprehended, one in Georgia and two in Cheatham county.

Rosewood Youth Academy is operated by private provider YOI and is a residential treatment facility that offers contracted mental-health and therapy services to youth in state custody. While surrounded by a secured fence, Rosewood is a staff-secure setting for youth who require a less restrictive environment. It is not a hardware-secure facility, which is secured by razor-wire fencing.

DCS is working with YOI to review the incident and on a corrective action plan to ensure the safety of the youth at the staff-secure facility, as well as the surrounding community.

Tennessee Department of Child Services spokesperson