ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) — An Ashland City reserve officer and resident are being commended for their efforts in catching a Cheatham County fugitive.

Inmate Ricky Roach escaped from an Ashland City hospital Thursday, causing a massive manhunt. For hours, authorities searched for Roach, who was later found walking with a bicycle on Bell Street.

“I was fixing something to eat and hear on my radio about a sighting on Bell Street. About that time on my radio, I hear something saying there might be a sighting on Bell Street, Ashland City Reserve officer Steven Ellis said. “I walk over to the bay window and I look to see him right in front of my mailbox.”

Ellis grabbed his service weapon and Roach surrendered peacefully. Just moments before Ellis saw Roach outside his window, Eric Proctor was driving by and saw Roach walking. He assisted in Roach’s capture.

Both men are recognized across the county for their work in apprehending the fugitive.

Roach was serving time for a parole violation; he will now face additional charges for the escape.