NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a holiday filled with family, friends, and oftentimes fireworks.

Dr. Marshall Hall is the Chief of Emergency Medicine at TriStar Skyline Medical Center. Every year, he sees people getting hit in the face with fireworks. He reminds party goers, that a single firework to the eye can do permanent damage. “Wearing eye protection or avoid being close to fireworks in the first place. Those are all important.”

The second most common injury Dr. Hall sees with fireworks is hand injuries.

“If you’re going to light a firework, lay it on the ground, put it on a table light it, and then back up, do not hold it in your hand,” he said.

You should also wear sneakers so you can move away quickly. And, always have a hose nearby.

If you’re grilling, think twice before using an accelerant that isn’t intended for cooking.

“Whatever you do, don’t use gasoline,” Hall said. “Gasoline flashes. We get a lot of facial burns. Burns to the hand and upper extremities, the upper body, and can be very, very serious.”

Burns are also a concern when people set bonfires especially if alcohol is involved.

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“If you’re going to drink alcohol,” Hall urges, “I would put down the fireworks, I would not make a fire because sometimes bad decisions happen when those two things mix.”