SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — The mayor of Spring Hill, Tennessee signed an emergency declaration Wednesday restricting the use of non-essential water.

Mayor Jim Hagaman detailed the actions the city is taking to maintain water reserves for everyday use as well as making sure there is enough in the reserves for the fire department.

The emergency declaration requires non-essential water uses to be curtailed for no more than seven days. Nonessential uses include irrigation of grass, car washing and filling swimming pools. They do not include new landscaping, vegetable gardens or domestic use.

City officials say water usage has shot up in recent weeks, despite an existing policy that asks residents to water lawns on particular days, excluding Fridays.

The fire department requires 40 million gallons in reserve to be able to handle multiple fire scenarios simultaneously, and officials say levels dropped below 40 million this week.

Another issue is the lack of components for a new water booster station near Spring Hill High School. That is being pushed back due to national supply chain delays. The facility was supposed to be online already, but may be up and running in July.

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Officials say once that station is operational, it should help address the issue within the city.