WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A global leader in the electric vehicle charging industry is expected to bring hundreds of new jobs to the Wilson County area.   

This week, Tritium announced the manufacturing company will create more than 750 jobs in total.  

“The intentions were, at that time, to have six production lines, and over 30,000 chargers annually, so the fact that they thought there were just going to be 500 employees and now we’re already expanding and moving up to 750 is really exciting for us,” said Melanie Minter with the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce. 

Last February, Tritium set up shop in Lebanon, an area in Middle Tennessee that is exploding with growth.  

“We are the center of the United States,” Minter explained. We have the interstates, we have the airports, we have the railroad systems.”

However, Tritium isn’t the only company that would like a piece of the bustling county.   

Back in October, New Balance announced it was moving into Wilson County, bringing in more than 150 new jobs.   

“New Balance in itself is supposed to bring in $68.5 million, so I mean any of these businesses that are moving here for Wilson County is just another impact for the county, ways that we can give back on infrastructure, schools,” Minter said.   

Meanwhile, Wilson Works is tasked with helping companies with the hiring process.  

“When we have new industry coming in, we’re plugging them into every workforce stakeholder they need to know that’s going to help them as they begin that recruiting process,” said Adina Chumley with Wilson Works.

“In Wilson County, we like to tell people, ‘You need a job? We’re hiring! The doors are open in Wilson County, so come on in,'” she added.