ECC: Antioch Waffle House address not in phone book at the time of shooting

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The internal review at the ECC continues as questions into why dispatchers were sent to the wrong Waffle House on the morning of the shooting continue. 

There are two Waffle House locations on Murfreesboro Road, and when the call came out dispatchers sent police to the location they were familiar with, rather than the location where the shooting occurred. 

Officials with the ECC said at the time they did not have an exact address for that location. 

So, the question remains, why couldn’t 911 dispatchers find the Waffle House?   

According to new information released by the ECC, Nashville dispatchers used a phone book provided by the company Infogroup to look up business addresses.   

The phone book had been updated in January, but that update did not include the Waffle House in Antioch even though it had been open for over a month.   

Last week, a new upgrade was installed and the Waffle House in Antioch was included.   

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