East Nashville woman thankful to be alive after near abduction

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An East Nashville woman is thankful to be alive after she said a man tried to abduct her.

It happened Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on McFerrin Avenue.

Autumn Ryan said she was likely followed by the man for her entire half our run, before he pulled over and demanded that she get in his car.

“He was just so bold, he was like get in my car, get into the effing car and I pulled my ear plugs out and was like wait what did you just say and he goes get in the effing car or I’ll make you get the effing car,” Autumn Ryan explained.

While she was in shock, Ryan said knew the only choice was to put up a fight.

“This guy honestly picked the wrong chic.”

She was shaken, but Ray said her adrenaline kicked in as she saw the man opening his car door.

“I stepped closer to him and I bowed up and I started screaming at the top of my lungs at him profanities and then when I started screaming and yelling at him he sped off,” she said.

Police responded in less than a minute, she said and she was able to give every detail from the suspect’s clothing to his temporary tag number.

“What blew my mind is the temporary tag. This is what we have to get out to the women, the temporary tag is like the code for sex traffickers,” said Ryan.

Although police are looking into the attempted abduction, they told News 2 temporary tags aren’t necessarily an indicator of sex trafficking. However, Ryan fears those were the man’s intentions.

“How many other women does he have right now? That’s what I’m scared about. How many other women are there out there that he did abduct and that we don’t know about it,” Ryan questioned.

Since sharing her story on Facebook, Ryan has received numerous messages from both women and men saying they have experienced similar situations in the neighborhood. She hopes speaking out will keep someone else from becoming a victim.

“We can’t stay quiet. Woman can’t stay quiet, because if we do they are going to continue doing this.”

Ryan said she isn’t going to let the incident stop her routine. She now has mace and plans to take a gun safety course, so that she doesn’t find herself in a similar situation without protection again.

The suspect is described to be around 30-years-old, Hispanic, with a scruffy goatee wearing a bright plaid shirt and navy baseball hat. Ryan says he was driving a charcoal Nissan Sentra with temporary tags- D950480.

If you have any information contact Metro police at 615-862-7400.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 2 and WKRN.com for updates.

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