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East Nashville pipes can't handle rain, flooding widespread

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - The massive amount of rain hit East Nashville particularly hard. Nashville received approximately four inches of rain in a six-hour period.  

According to Metro Water Services, the heavy amount of rainfall overwhelmed the system. The pipes in East Nashville were inundated and the continued rainfall was unable to enter the system.  

Justin Hamilton has a stormwater drain in his backyard. After the storm drain flooded, water gushed into his home. 

“It was just like a geyser,” Hamilton said. “I tried to plug it with a towel, but nothing would stop it. Then it started coming from the foundation of the house. In about fifteen minutes, I’m in nearly a foot of water.” 

He had bought sandbags and a sump-pump ahead of Thursday’s storms. 

“I’m really worried about the upcoming storm tonight and how I’m going to prepare for it. I’m also going to leave my valuables above ground and hopefully, it doesn’t get that bad.” 

There was also a report of a sewer overflow near Shelby Bottoms.  

The agency said its stormwater crews prepared for the storm by cleaning storm drains and inlets Wednesday. Throughout the evening, Metro Water responded to 61 reports of clogged storm drains, missing inlet tops, and flooded roadways.  

Crews were also out again Thursday clearing storm drains and inlets across the county in anticipation of the rain. 

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