East Nashville neighbors on edge after scary video captures possible casing

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s not a scary movie, this video is real life.

Tuesday morning, Ring doorbell video captured a suspicious man lurking outside of multiple homes in East Nashville.

“Just standing there for a really long time and obviously aware that they’re on camera,” Homeowner Richard Ochranek said.

Ochranek would have ordinarily missed it had it not been for his roommate.

“Our roommate Jake let us know a little bit of change was missing from his car so we decided to go to the camera surveillance to see what was going on,” Ochranek said.

The person stands at Ochranek’s back door on the video for more than 30 seconds just staring into his den and shining a flashlight into the window. Later on, Ochranek has video of the man going around to the front of his home as well.

Ochranek said he’s not surprised to see strange activity in East Nashville, but that’s why he purchased home security to avoid those incidents. His house has Ring cameras at each entrance, outdoor lighting and a visible security system.

“I thought that would be a really nice extra safety measure, but nothing’s perfect,” Ochranek said. “We’ve just updated our own security measures here on the property. We’re going to be adding a couple more cameras and maybe a couple more lights.”

But his home was not the only one on the block to catch the same creepy video. Nearby neighbors also caught the culprit unscrewing their lightbulbs.

“I wasn’t sure if we were indeed being cased, or if this was just a random occurrence,” Ochranek said.

Ochranek did call Metro Police to come investigate, but were told to simply stay alert.

Neighbors on his street are hoping the suspicious person does not return for another scary situation.

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