A woman and her neighbors are asking for help after a beloved dog was hit and killed on their street.  

Hutson Avenue in East Nashville is hilly, and homeowners say there are blind spots. However, drivers continue to speed with little regard for walkers, children, and pets.  

“People come over this hill and been doing it for years, flying, having wrecks and having all kinds of stuff,” said Angela Shackleford. Her parents have lived on Hutson for over 50 years. 

On Saturday, her neighbor’s cameras captured a speeding truck. Moments, later her six-year-old dog, Blaze, was hit and killed.  

Shackleford says Blaze got out of their gate and it’s likely the truck driver didn’t see the pup as he came over the hill. 

“He reached up, he licked me on my face and passed away,” said Shackleford through tears. “It’s our fault but then again, flying over this hill.” 

Her neighbor, Kimberly George, saw the hit and run happen real-time. She’s now even afraid to get her mail because of the speeding cars. 

“I think the dog hit the front right tire and then we saw it come completely underneath the back tire,” said George. “That’s when I ran outside, and I was like ‘oh my god.'” 

Hutson Avenue is in the Maplewood Heights neighborhood.  

Metro Public Works says the Maplewood Heights Neighborhood Association applied for Metro’s Traffic Calming program in January but was not selected for the upcoming project.  

Public Works says it chooses streets twice a year to work on, to help curb speeding and traffic based on data it collects from traffic studies.  

“I hope someone hears the story and slows down or hears it and gets in touch with the right people,” said George.  

The next time the neighborhood can apply for the traffic calming program is in July.