WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A California couple drove all the way from the Golden State only to be arrested a mile from their new home in Franklin, Tennessee.

It began early Wednesday morning with a traffic stop and soon ended in multiple arrests and the seizure of powerful narcotics.

Body camera video shows the deputy stopping a Cadillac at around 2:45 a.m.

The driver has been identified as 32-year-old Tyler Jacobson, while the passenger has been identified as 30-year-old Danielle Thomas.

The couple told deputies they’ve been traveling for the last 20 hours from California and said they have an apartment in the Cool Springs area.

The deputy asked the couple if they had any drugs or narcotics with them and they said they did not. That’s when the deputy asked to search their vehicle.

“So you say there’s nothing in the vehicle to be concerned with. Can I get consent to search?” the deputy asked.

“I’d rather not,” Jacobson replied.

Jacobson said they had been driving 20 hours and they just wanted to get home.

While running their identities, the deputy learned that Thomas had an active theft warrant out of Cheatham County for theft under $1,000.

As he was arresting her, she said she knew there was a warrant her attorney was handling.

“I just want to go home,” she said.

As the deputy took Thomas into custody, he saw a drug syringe on the floorboards.

“What’s in the syringe right here? If I field test this and what does it come back to?” the deputy asked.

Tyler Jacobson was also removed from the vehicle. As the deputy took him out of the car, the deputy said, “After retrieving that, there’s heroin wrapped up in that napkin.”

The deputy explained that the drug syringe in plain view was probable cause to search the Cadillac.

It’s not long before deputies found an ounce of black tar heroin tainted with fentanyl, an 8-ball of crystal meth with fentanyl, two bottles of Alprazolam tablets, almost three grams of pure fentanyl powder, a vial of testosterone steroids, Buprenorphine tablets, Suboxone strips, and drug paraphernalia.

When asked who the drugs belonged to, Jacobson answered, “It could be hers. It could be mine.”

Moments later, the deputy was amazed when he learned that Jacobson has come to Franklin to start his new job in a drug rehab center.

“For him to have this type and amount of narcotics on him, in my opinion he doesn’t need to be working as an addiction specialist,” a narcotics agent said.

Both suspects are still in the Williamson County Jail and have been charged with multiple drug felonies.

Jacobson’s bond was set at $57,500, while Thomas’ bond was set at $45,000.