NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two suspects in a speeding Mercedes put the lives of hundreds of motorists in danger on I-65 South Wednesday afternoon.

Now, interdiction agents with the 18th Judicial Drug Task Force (JDTF) are asking for the public’s help to bring them to justice.

It all began Wednesday afternoon when officers tried to stop a white 2012 Mercedes C-300.

As the officer got to the rear of the vehicle, the driver hit the gas pedal and accelerated onto I-65 South.

According to a JDTF agent, within moments the Mercedes was driving 115 mph on the shoulder of the interstate, weaving in and out of traffic.

“They were more willing to endanger people than I was, and they were driving 110 mph plus on the shoulder of the road. They were bouncing lane to lane passing people, and then traffic was moving 15 mph on the interstate and they were driving 100 plus. No telling how many people would have been hurt had they lost control,” a task force officer said.

Because of the dangerous driving, agents let the Mercedes go on, but the car later went to a gas station, allowing authorities to pull multiple surveillance photos showing various images of the two men in the fleeing car.

In one picture, the suspect was wearing a jacket that said “Double Play.”

When asked why the men ran, the officer can only speculate.

“I would say there was a firearm or some sort of narcotics in the car,” the officer told News 2.

If you recognize the men in the surveillance footage, call the 18th JDTF at 615-451-6021.